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Katarina Waters
Ring Name(s): Nikita, Katie Lea Burchill, Katie Lea, Winter
Date of Birth: November 10th, 1980
Biography: Katarina Waters is a German-born English professional wrestler and valet, she is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. During her time in WWE, she performed on its Raw brand under the ring name Katie Lea, and performed under the ring name Winter, while working in TNA. Prior to signing with WWE, she spent many years on the independent circuit, particularly in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, where she used the ring name Nikita. After signing with WWE, she competed in their former developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she became a two time Women's Champion before being called up to the main roster. She is a former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion, and a former 2 time Knockouts Champion.

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November 10th, 2012
By: Thahani // Category: Interview

A few weeks ago Colt Cabana did an Art of Wrestling Podcast with non-other than Kat, it’s truly a great interview so be sure to listen to it!

Listen Here: art of wrestling with Katarina Waters

September 16th, 2012
By: Thahani // Category: Interview

Thanks to Chris Kelly for sending me this!
In this special interview brought to you by “Running The Ropes”, Chris Kelly is joined by Katarina Waters aka the artiest formally known as Katie Lea Burchill in WWE and Winter in Impact Wrestling for her first interview since leaving TNA last week. In the interview, the following subjects are covered:
Katarina’s feud with Beth Phoenix in OVW and their famous Ladder match
Who came up with the incest angle between Katie Lea and Paul Burchill and Katarina’s thoughts on the gimmick
Katarina’s thoughts on the WWECW brand
Her WWE release
Who came up with the “Winter” Gimmick and the idea of “drugging” Angelina Love
Katarina’s thoughts on the Knock Division and her 18 long day title run
Her thoughts on Gail Kim
Her thoughts on her TNA release
Katarina’s plans for the future inside and outside of the ring

Source: headlocks2headlines

March 14th, 2012
By: Thahani // Category: Interview, Katie News

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Kat did an interview with Third Eye Cinema where she talks about her wrestling career, modeling, acting,directing her own indie film, and her Katarina’s Nightmare Theater DVDs!
Source: Third Eye Cinema

October 6th, 2011

Katarina Leigh Waters is a pretty busy lady, what with her wrestling career on the rise and all that, so when the opportunity came to pick her brain about her work with Scorpion Releasing on the new Katarina’s Nightmare Theater line of horror DVD releases, we here at Rock! Shock! Pop! HQ knew we couldn’t pass up that opportunity. With two releases out so far (at the time of this writing cult slasher Final Exam and the Joan Collins/evil midget movie The Devil Within Her have both been released) and more on the way, fans are sure to dig what Katarina and Scorpion are doing. So without further ado, how about I shut up and let the lady do the talking?

-Ian Jane

Rock! Shock! Pop! – So you’re best known as a championship wrestler. How does a nice girl like you wind up a queen of the ring? How did you get into wrestling?

Katarina Leigh Waters – How do you know I’m a nice girl..?? I was just a big wrestling fan and decided that I should give it a go myself… found a school… learned all the right moves… and loved it! After that one thing just led to another and here I am TNA Knockouts Champion!! I guess I got very lucky.

R!S!P! – Well, obviously you worked pretty hard to get where you are now. You’ve competed all over the United States in a few different leagues but also competed on the international circuit. How does the wrestling scene overseas compare to the wrestling scene in North America?

KW – I think the independent circuit is pretty much comparable in both countries… the main difference is that here in the States there are two companies that are big enough that you can actually make a good living working for them, and you get to be on national TV which is, of course, exhilarating.

R!S!P! – When you lived in England, you worked on a film called Welcome To Hell. What was this movie about and what was that experience like? You directed it, right?

KW – I wrote and directed and produced it and unfortunately it never got finished, as we were close to completing the first edit and the hard drive got stolen… I got busy with some other opportunities right after, so I didn’t have the time to start again, but the original tapes are still in existence, so I may still get the chance to cut it all together finally. Or I may just re-shoot the whole thing! Which is why I cannot give away the concept/story just yet.