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Katarina Waters
Ring Name(s): Nikita, Katie Lea Burchill, Katie Lea, Winter
Date of Birth: November 10th, 1980
Biography: Katarina Waters is a German-born English professional wrestler and valet, she is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. During her time in WWE, she performed on its Raw brand under the ring name Katie Lea, and performed under the ring name Winter, while working in TNA. Prior to signing with WWE, she spent many years on the independent circuit, particularly in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, where she used the ring name Nikita. After signing with WWE, she competed in their former developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she became a two time Women's Champion before being called up to the main roster. She is a former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion, and a former 2 time Knockouts Champion.

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February 27th, 2012

FWE Women’s Championship Tournament Round One: Winter vs. Brooke Tessmacher

They started out with Winter in control but Brooke came back with several armbars and a headscissors into the corner. Winter cut her off and stomped Tessmacher in the corner. She snapmared her over with a chinlock Brooke fought her way out but was snapped back to the mat by her hair. Winter snapped her over with a sideslam for a two count. Winter choked Brooke against the ropes and snapmared her over. She locked Brooke in a double arm submission. Brooke forced her way up and began elbowing her way out of the move.

Winter missed a charge in the corner and was peppered with forearms. Brooke nailed a series of clotheslines and his the Polish Hammer. Winter ended up in the corner, where Brooke gave her the Stinkface. Winter caught her on a flying bodypress, nailed a gutbuster and scored the pin.

Your winner, advancing, Winter!

FWE Women’s championship Tournament: Maria Kanellis vs. Tara

This is Maria’s first match since leaving WWE. Tara said that she said it was a huge honor to see that Maria wanted to wrestle her in her comeback match since WWE. She noted that it was also Maria’s birthday and sang Happy Birthday to her, then attacked her. That was great. Tara worked her over in the corner and drilled her with shoulderblocks.

Maria came back with a series of armdrags and a twisting headscissors. Maria nailed her with the Bronco Buster in the corner. Tara rolled out of the ring to clear her head. Maria followed her to the floor. Tara took the mic and ripped on NYC. She returned to the ring and kicked Maria, who was on the apron, hard in the gut and Maria flew off to the floor. Back in the ring, she covered Maria for a two count.

Tara mocked her, telling Maria to smile as she worked her over. She used an over the shoulder backbreaker. Tara locked her in a side chinlock, trying to force a submission. Maria fired back with several elbows but was nailed and sent back to the mat. She whipped Maria into the ropes and went for a clothesline but Maria nailed one at the same time, so they both landed on the mat, out of it. The referee began counting them both out but they returned to their feet and began battling back and forth.

Maria got the better of the exchange, nailing several clotheslines. She went to the top and nailed a flying bodypress for a two count. Tara cut her off and nailed a TKO for a two count. Tara went the Widow’s Peak but Winter ran out and grabbed Maria’s leg, preventing the move. Tara and Winter had a faceoff and Winter backed out of the ring. Maria rolled up Tara for the pin.

FWE Women’s Championship Tournament Final: Winter vs. Maria Kanellis

They faced off at the bell. Winter offered her hand and Maria sklapped it away. They locked up and Winter caught her in a full nelson. Maria slipped out and rolled her forward into a pinning situation for a two count. Winter rolled out of the ring, shocked. She walked around the ring, then tripped Maria from the outside. She tried to stomp away at Maria, who rolled out of the ring. She finally caught Maria with a kick to the gut and said, “Happy Birthday Maria.”

Winter choked her against the ropes and tried her to the tree of woe. She went to the outside and locked a chinlock on Kanellis, forcing her to be be pulled backwards while upside down. Back in the ring, she drilled Maria for a two count. Winter locked on a side chinlock. Maria fought her way out of it but was snapped backwards by her hair back to the mat. Maria tried to fight back but was kicked down to the mat for another two count.

Winter whipped Maria into the corner and kicked her hard in the gut. She whipped Maria ito the opposite corner but was nailed with a forearm. Maria nailed several clotheslines for a two count. She nailed several kicks and rebounded off the ropes for a kick to the gut. Maria peppered inter in the corner with punches but was elevated up and dropped on the top turnbuckles with snake eyes. Brooke Tessmacher came out and distracted the referee, which allowed Tara to hit the ring and nail The Widow’s Peak on Winter. Kanellis covered her for the pin.

Your winner and first-ever FWE Women’s champion, Maria Kanellis!
Report Credit: PWInsider