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Katarina Waters
Ring Name(s): Nikita, Katie Lea Burchill, Katie Lea, Winter
Date of Birth: November 10th, 1980
Biography: Katarina Waters is a German-born English professional wrestler and valet, she is best known for her time in World Wrestling Entertainment and Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. During her time in WWE, she performed on its Raw brand under the ring name Katie Lea, and performed under the ring name Winter, while working in TNA. Prior to signing with WWE, she spent many years on the independent circuit, particularly in the Frontier Wrestling Alliance, where she used the ring name Nikita. After signing with WWE, she competed in their former developmental territory Ohio Valley Wrestling, where she became a two time Women's Champion before being called up to the main roster. She is a former TNA Knockout Tag Team Champion, and a former 2 time Knockouts Champion.

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September 8th, 2011

[ Digitals | Screen caps ]

Winter and Angelina Love vs. Mickie James and Velvet Sky

Sky starts the match with her former rival, Winter. The bell sounds and Winter goes to lock up, but turns to Love to talk to her. Sky tags in Mickie. Winter turns around and is shocked to see Mickie. She then tags in Love. She enters and locks up with Mickie. She tosses Mickie across the ring. Mickie gets up as she is a bit stunned. Love then grabs her to work on the arm, but Mickie punches Love and then does a hurricanrana. Winter moves out of her corner and Mickie goes after her. Winter jumps down.

Mickie turns around and Love kicks her. Love gets her up, but Mickie comes back. She tags Sky. Sky comes in as well as Winter with Love tagging her in. Sky attacks Winter and puts her in the corner. She does a monkey flip. Both get up and Love comes in. Sky does a great move as she rolls both knockouts over. Love exits the ring. Sky runs into the ropes, but Love trips her up. Winter goes after Sky as she takes advantage. She does a bridge type suplex for a cover. Sky kicks out. Love now enters from a tag and she goes after Mickie. Love then goes to Sky as Love tries to get payback, but Earl stops her. Love and Sky go after each other and knock each other down. Both crawl to their corners and tag their partners.

Mickie comes in and takes Winter down with a multiple of moves like a clothesline and a neckbreaker. Sky now gets in and attacks Love. Winter gets up and pushes Mickie in the corner. MIckie and Sky are whipped. They spin around and attack their opponents. Sky knocks down Love as she follows her out of the ring. Mickie goes after Winter, but Winter SPRAYS a blood type substance right into the face of Mickie. Mickie screams in agony Winter covers and gets the win.

Winners: Winter and Angelina Love

Report Credit: WrestlingNewsWorld